Is Coyle or Granlund Wild's top prospect?

Seems like Coyle’s stock has skyrocketed with his incredible success in Saint John and Granlund’s has fallen a bit just because of his tough postseason. Is Coyle the top prospect on the Wild right now?

“Charlie Coyle’s a helluva prospect. They’re different players. Charlie Coyle, in my mind, has gone to no better organization (Saint John). Playing college hockey (Boston University) was good for Charlie Coyle, but what he’s learned by going to Saint John and playing for Gerard Gallant is he’s learned to play harder. Like he’s really punishing people now, which must have Minnesota excited. Like, he’s almost too big and too strong for the junior league. Everything about him when you watch him play junior hockey, he looks like a future elite NHL power forward. So is he better than Granlund? They’re different types of player and if you put Mikael Granlund on the Saint John Sea Dogs, he would absolutely dominate. Like, it wouldn’t even be funny. Like [Florida prospect, Saint John star] Jonathan Huberdeau, put those two together, and Huberdeau might have scored 100 goals. You can’t elevate one guy based on his performance in junior and downgrade the other kid who’s playing in the SM Elite League.”
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