Ian Laperriere officially retires

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Thread: Ian Laperriere officially retires

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    Ian Laperriere officially retires

    Philadelphia Flyers forward Ian Laperriere has retired from the NHL, more than two years after playing his last game.
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    Ian Laperriere Retirement Transcript

    Q: Philly wasn’t your longest stop in your career, but what does it mean to retire here?

    “It was my shortest time here compared to the other teams I played for, but that’s probably one of my regrets, not having a chance to play longer than that in this great organization. I’m just glad I had a chance to wear the orange and black. It’s something I would have missed, just to play for a team that cares so much about their fans and cares so much about their players. I’m not saying that everywhere else I played, they didn’t care about their players, but nothing compared to what the Flyers are.
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    It's really too bad that a player like Laperriere can't go out on his own terms. Definitely do not like to see a career end like this.

    That being said, professional athletes have to look out for their own health, well-being and family, just like anyone else. Best of luck to Ian in retirement. Hopefully we will see him back in the game in a new capacity. Perhaps something along the lines of what Craig Conroy is doing in Calgary?

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