Hagman & Blake will not be Ducks

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Thread: Hagman & Blake will not be Ducks

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    Hagman & Blake will not be Ducks

    At the season ticket holder meeting this past Saturday, Ducks' GM Bob Murray stated that Jason Blake and Niklas Hagman will not be offered contracts by Anaheim.


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    Not surprising at all. I didn't think that Hagman would get an offer, but I thought maybe Blake would be returning at a much lower salary. Blake played pretty well for the Ducks and I would not have minded seeing him back.

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    I see Murray reported that Justin Schultz will not sign with the Ducks. I wonder if Murray will now trade his rights to another team. Toronto maybe.

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    The whole Schultz situation is so irritating. I would hope he will trade the rights to someone, so that we get at least something for drafting him.

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    I expect Schultz to dealt just before, or at the draft.

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