A few things to consider here:

#1 Luke Schenn by himself will not be enough to move up to #1, the Leafs would likely have to sweeten the pot, Id imagine one of Scrivens or Reimer would be on their list.

#2 Even if he cannot be used to move up in the draft it seems likely that Schenn finds himself a new home this summer. The Leafs have plenty of holes to fill and not a lot of assets theyd be willing to part with to do so. If the Leafs are going to bring a Rick Nash or other Top 6 Forward in, Schenn will be a part of that deal.

#3 Are the Leafs really willing to part with Schenn so soon? Despite the fact that he will be entering his 4th NHL season its important to remember that Schenn turns 23 this November. Hes still young enough that I have serious concerns about selling low.

I dont have the connections to speculate trades, so I wont. What I will do is give my best guest: Luke Schenn will play somewhere else next season.