Schenn still draws discussion about his size, his ferocity (feracity? ferociousness?) and his potential. He was a really good skater and puck mover in junior and those talents have yet to carry over to the NHL. Which brings us to the main question: "Can he PLAY?"

And the answer is "well, maybe."

Schenn, the fifth overall pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, never went back to Kelowna for another junior season. He was tossed right into the NHL as a 19-year old along with fellow high draftee defencemen Drew Doughty and Zach Bogosian. After playing out the three years in his entry level deal, Schenn was signed to a 5-year deal worth $18M in September. For those of you who don't have 18 million fingers to count with, that makes his cap hit $3.6M a year.

It's not the worst contract, but it isn't a bargain for a guy who hasn't exactly proved too much at the NHL-level. Doughty was a critical component of Los Angeles' Stanley Cup run and Alex Pietrangelo has become a two-way force on St. Louis' blue-line. Schenn, like Bogosian, hasn't seen too much NHL success, playing in an easier role.