Devin Shore - A diamond in the rough?

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Thread: Devin Shore - A diamond in the rough?

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    Devin Shore - A diamond in the rough?

    If you want to find a player who just may be a future NHL draft steal, look no further than Devin Shore.

    He is a good skater and puckhandler who thrives in the offensive zone. Shore is also a decent sized 17 year old, so that shouldn't be an issue as he is six feet tall and 185 lbs. and still growing. Like most forwards his age, he needs to work on his defensive zone play, but that can be learned.

    Looking at his career stats, he has done exceptionally well at every level. He dominated his Midget AAA league, the CAHS, and the OJHL. In addition, he also preformed great at the WJAC U19 tournament. The key will be how he performs this coming year in the NCAA with the University of Maine. If he has a strong season as an 18 year old (around a point a game or better), then that should be a clear indication that he is a potential future top 6 forward in the NHL.

    Keep an eye on him.

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    I will keep an eye out for him!

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    With the dearth of skilled forwards in this draft, Shore could find a taker in the top-50 or even top-40 selections. Scouts/Analysts I talk to have really talked-up his vision and playmaking. Aside from the usual qualcomp concerns facing Junior-A players, his skating is relatively average. Still, he's a relatively safe forward prospect in a second-round-field with so many huge boom-bust types (Jankowski, MacEachern, etc.)

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    I also really like Zach Stepan and Austin Cangelosi in the NCAA. I think both those guys could have bright futures. I'll be keeping an eye on how they do next year.

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