What happened to Joe Colborne in the second half of last year? After 40 games, Colborne had 15 goals and 33 points with the Toronto Marlies. But, February hit. In the second 40 games of the season, including the AHL playoffs, Colborne had just 3 goals and 14 points.

What happened here?

Now, a lot of Colborne's production was in the first 13 games before his NHL call-up in November. At that point, he had 10 goals, which put him on pace for 63 goals over 82 games, or the NHL equivalent of 28. Obviously that isn't a sustainable pace at all, and part of that was thanks to his 25% shooting rate at that time.

Heading into the season, Colborne's career AHL shooting percentage was 14.7%, so on that note, it isn't too surprising to see a regression to the mean. But he was helped along in this case, presumably by the wrist injury he had been playing with all season: