With LW JVR being landed by the Leafs some have concluded that this means Bobby Ryan is no longer a target for Leafs.

There is already some thought of moving JVR to center and if that happens there is not problem fitting in Bobby Ryan. so what could the leafs offer that would be of interest to Anaheim.

It is recognized that it will take a multiple player swap to even get considered by Anaheim.

First a quality young defenseman would have to be in the package. Leafs are in good shape here to say to Anaheim how about one of Gunnarsson, Franson, Holzer, Blacker, Percy

Second a good LW has to come back that can play in the top six. Clarke MacArthur would cover that or if they want more of a prospect it could be Carter Ashton.

Reasonable for Anaheim to also want some potential future benefit and here leafs could dangle Nazim Kadri.

So a package of say Franson, MacArthur, Kadri, and say a 2013 1st round pick might look pretty attractive to Murray and the Ducks.

What do others think. Would that be enough to get Bobby Ryan in a Leaf uniform.