I decided to look into when it was that Goldwater Institute (GWI) started to interject themselves into the Coyotes/NHL/Glendale negotiation process.

In combing through the GWI, I discovered the first time that GWI Got “on the record” in this matter was (according to GWI) February 26, 2009. On that day, Carrie Ann Sitren was speaking on Channel 12. It is now marked as a private video on YouTube.com. Since the video is blocked and requires a password, so I was unable to view it, but there was a synopsis of the video on the GWI site:

“There are reports that the City of Glendale could give the Phoenix Coyotes $15 million a year to help keep them in business. The Goldwater Institute’s Carrie Ann Sitren talked with Channel 12 about how far cities can go in helping private businesses”
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