Libor, a busy summer, you have certainly experienced. You had no time to breathe after a successful but extremely long season?

Libor Hudáček : No veruže not! I even dreamed that I could experience such things at such a young age. Great achievements have resulted in a lot of responsibility and admit that sometimes it was over his head. But it is better to fly out of action for the success of the action than sitting at home after a failure.

The famous finale Extraliga goal, you talked about realizing a dream. A few weeks later, but came even greater success - the title of vice-champion of the world. What was it to fulfill its optimistic goals of empire?

Very heavy and hard to even match. After the earnings league title, I thought it be nicer to have not. The championship but it even further. I got a chance to play against the best player in the world and gain medals is an incredible thing. But I have one breath say that even with the Slavs, it was very difficult and very valuable.
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