Breakdown of new extra league season 2012/13 is already the world. Forward HC and vice-champion of the world fresh Haščák Marcel decided that his team enters the upcoming year home duel against Zvolen and repeated as the last round. O what can be the jubilee of the twenty extra league season to expect, we talked with General Manager HC Kosice Juraj Bakos.

Mr. Bakos, probably one hand the current vice-champion of the world, which will operate in the new season in the Slovakian league decided that the first round to welcome reprise Elected semifinals. What do you think of this new season start?

Elected is certainly an attractive opponent for either of our fans and for us, the club itself. Matches with the chosen are usually extremely balanced, it can also tell by Elected to us in Steel arena knows. We have new, young and eager team, full of energy and flavor to hockey all summer to prepare and honestly so that we have a hilarious start competition.
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