Semin ready to sign with Penguins?

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Thread: Semin ready to sign with Penguins?

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    Semin ready to sign with Penguins?

    Sportsnet is citing a report coming out of Russia stating Semin is about to sign with the Penguins.

    Seminís agent declined to comment.


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    So far just rumours...

    How do you feel about Semin with the Pens?

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    "Josh Yohe ‏@JoshYohe_Trib July 6

    Alex Semin's agent, Mark Gandler: "No question, playing in Pittsburgh would be great. Alex would love to play with either Malkin or Crosby." "

    Alexander Semin has drawn plenty of discussion in the aftermath of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. His agent, Mark Gandler, spoke about what Semin is looking for in a new contract.

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