I used to be a huge Habs fan. Growing up in Montreal you kinda had no choice

Over the past 17 years, as Montreal management did everything in their power to screw things up and kill Habs fans a little more each year, I gradually became interested more in other teams.

Well, after the draft that Marc Bergevin just oversaw, my enthusiasm has been rekindled.

Yes, they got the the most sure-fire future NHL scoring star in the draft (in my opinion) in Galchenyuk, but they also landed the second best forward (again, my opinion) in Sebastian Collberg.

While Collberg had zero points in the SEL this past year, I have read how his ice-time was very limited on a veteran team. He really showed his potential in various international tournaments that he has played where he lit the lamp at an impressive rate. This past year at the World Junior Under 20s, he vastly outscored the much-hyped Filip Forsberg.

I really see Collberg as a future star. Look for him and Galchenyuk to put up a lot of points in future seasons and for Collberg to eventually become a consistent 30 goal, 65+ point winger.

Is the sun beginning to peak through the dark clouds in Montreal? I sure hope so!