Seriously, if a player from Kingston doesnít shut up Don Cherry, the man canít be pleased. Other than that, what do we need to know about McClement? Heís not overly big, heís not overly physical, but heís not overly expensive either. The 6í1, 205 lb. 29 year old center is signed for the next two years at $1,500,000 a season.

Here are 7 noteworthy numbers for McClement from last season:

51.3% Face-off Percentage. McClement was third on the Avalanche in number of faceoffs last season, behind Paul Stastny and Ryan OíReilly.

54 Blocked Shots. This number was good enough for second among Avs forwards behind Gabriel Landeskog. That number would have been third among Leafs forwards (Connolly, Steckel)

3:06 Short Handed Time on Ice per Game. McClement was far and away the leader on the Avs in this category, over double the ice time of the second place Gabriel Landeskog. Itís worth noting that Colorado was in the middle of the pack for Penalty killing last season, so this is probably an upgrade.

88.5% On Ice Shorthanded Save Percentage. Connolly was the only forward on the Leafs with a higher number (88.9%)

10:35 Even Strength Ice Time per Game. This was third lowest of the Avs regular forwards. So pencil McClement in for the fourth line, with PK time. On a side note, I can really get behind a McClement-Steckel-Brown fourth line.

10 goals. Not bad for limited ice time. One of them was shorthanded.

1 Fighting Major. Really doesnít matter, but despite only having 31 PIMs, itís worth noting he will fight if the mood strikes him. So fans of truculence Ė rejoice.

It seemed inevitable that the Leafs were going to bring in a bottom six forward at some point, and so far through his career McClement has shown he is capable of filling that role well, so itís hard to be too upset by this signing. Free Agency was not going to be the venue for addressing any of the larger issues with the Leafs so instead some depth has been added.

The bigger question is how McClement will fit into the lineup. The best answer I have for that is that itís July 2nd and this team sucked last year, there will still be more changes that will transition this lineup to something we will barely recognize next season.

What we can likely count on at this point is that van Riemsdyk, Kessel, Grabovski, Steckel, Brown, Frattin, and McClement will be part of the picture.