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Thread: Luongo is okay with moving

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    Luongo is okay with moving

    Roberto Luongo told a Vancouver radio station Friday that he has made peace with the idea of being traded.

    The star goalie, on the trade market, said he enjoyed his time in Vancouver but understands that itís time to move on.

    "[And] I'm OK with that," Luongo told CFOX. "I had a great six years in Vancouver. I think it's a wonderful city, I really enjoyed my time there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring a Stanley Cup there, which was probably my biggest regret. But it will be remembered for six great years."


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    Is Luongo's time with Vancouver finally at it's end? Where do you think he will end up?

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    He talks about it as if he's no longer there, so I would imagine that his time as come.. unless Vancouver demands too much for him and the few teams he will go to refuse dumb terms.

    You guys have no idea how relieved I am that he won't be here. No. Idea.

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