The Toronto Maple Leafs coach staff and management are already smiling down on their 2012 top draft selection, Morgan Rielly, after completion of the Maple Leafs’ annual prospect camp.

“I think we’re delighted with Morgan Rielly,” said Jim Hughes, the organization’s director of player development. “And it’s not a surprise, it’s what we expected.”

“It was evident when he carried the puck up a few times and moved it and plays with intelligence, you’re saying, ‘My goodness, what we do have here?,’” Leafs director of player development Jim Hughes said after Thursday’s scrimmage.

It make be too early to say, but after Morgan Rielly’s showing at the prospect camp, is it possible that he can do what Jake Gardiner did last season. When Gardiner made an impression on the Maple Leafs’ coaching staff during the 2011 Maple Leafs prospect camp, along with a strong showing during training camp in the fall and preseason, Gardiner made his jump to the NHL, for good.