Will The Anaheim Ducks Be Mighty Any Time Soon?

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Thread: Will The Anaheim Ducks Be Mighty Any Time Soon?

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    Will The Anaheim Ducks Be Mighty Any Time Soon?

    Let me just clear the air and state that this isnít going to be an article that has anything to do with Disney. If I startled any of you with my reference to the Disney era, I sincerely apologize.

    Iím just trying to evaluate the situation the Anaheim Ducks are in.

    General manager, Bob Murray, is trying to gather the missing pieces to once again complete his roster. Over the past decade Anaheim has made a name for themselves, showing up for the playoffs four times in the last nine years; did I mention two of those postseason appearances were in the Stanley Cup Finals?

    Read all about it

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    Does she mean might again? I mean, it's hard to think of a team that's won the Cup as a team that needs to be mighty.

    Wasn't it not even Vertigo for Hiller? How long does he have to be okay before people stop worrying about it constantly?

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    Since I have Vertigo, I can say something about that. I don't know about Hiller's but mine is recurring. It'll be gone for a while and then one morning I'll wake up and it's back. Some days it's barely noticeable and other days I can't stand up without feeling like I am going to fall over <shrug>

    But, yeah, I think she means mighty again.

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    Yeah, I know that yours is reoccurring, but I thought that with Hiller that they initially thought it was vertigo and then ruled it out. Maybe I remember wrong, but he doesn't seems like someone that's had re-occurrences of vertigo.

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    I had to go look it up to make sure, but everything I saw says he did have a case of Vertigo. Some of the things I read said they can't be sure of whether or not it will come back. Vertigo is such a weird thing. I sincerely hope it will be a one time thing for Hiller.

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