Today is Sunday, July 8, 2012 and tomorrow is a big day for Coyotes fans, the City of Glendale (CoG), Canadian social media trolls and many others. Why? Because tomorrow, July 9, 2012 is the day that Joe Cobb and Ken Jones are supposed to turn in their petition signatures to overturn the June 8 vote of the Glendale City Council approving the arena lease deal with the Jamison group, paving the way for the final sale of the Coyotes by the NHL. As we outlined in two previous posts (Is This Milk Bad? Here, Take a Whiff! and Goldwater Reinvents Calendar!), Goldwater Institute feels that rules and deadlines are flexible things, designed to be modified through constant litigation. They have decided to interfere (this word, “interfere” will probably become important in Goldwater’s future) by writing a letter to CoG expressing their displeasure with the July 9 date. CoG, while not required to respond to a letter written by an entity not involved in the case, DID respond, informing Goldwater (actually the ever insistent Ms. Sitren) that their misunderstanding of the regulations had again led them astray.

So, what are the possible scenarios now? There are many, and the faithful reader may decide which course of action all of the parties involved will follow. Be assured, however, that Mr. Cobb’s petition (wasn’t that a Jimmy Stewart movie?) is only one small piece of the tactics designed by Goldwater to further delay the sale of the Phoenix (soon to be Arizona) Coyotes.

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