Laughton enters prospects camp minus microscope

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Thread: Laughton enters prospects camp minus microscope

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    Laughton enters prospects camp minus microscope

    SCOTT LAUGHTON was fulfilling a childhood dream on June 23 to a smattering of boos, when he first pulled the bright-orange Flyers jersey over his head at the NHL draft in Pittsburgh.

    For Laughton, a new rivalry was born in an instant, when Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren called his name and the sour Penguins fans proudly offered their disapproval.

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    When Scott Laughton returned home from the NHL draft two weeks ago, he thought it was finally starting to sink in that the Flyers selected him in the first round. He thought he understood the significance of it.

    He was wrong.

    On day one of the Flyers prospect camp, Laughton's welcome-to-the-Flyers moment came before he hit the ice at 9 a.m. It came in the locker room when he saw the orange Flyers sweater hanging up with his last name on the back above the No. 39. Finally, the magnitude of it all hit him.


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    What is your take on Laughton? Do you think we will see him in the NHL this season?

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