Austin Smith's Progression Continues

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Thread: Austin Smith's Progression Continues

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    Austin Smith's Progression Continues

    A local Dallas native, Smith is progressing towards an NHL career

    You could probably imagine a guy named Austin, who grew up in Dallas, playing professional sports in this town.

    He would probably be a safety for the Cowboys. Maybe a second baseman for the Rangers. Possibly even a point guard for the Mavericks or a sweeper for FC Dallas.

    Nope. If Austin Smith, who grew up in Dallas and played at Jesuit College Preparatory School, makes it to his ultimate sports plateau, it will be in hockey. Seems like we’ve come full circle, eh?
    Smith played his collegiate hockey for Colgate, where he was a Hobey Baker Award Finalist last year.

    “It’s not that surprising, really,” said Les Jackson, the Dallas Stars’ Director of Player Personnel. “Kids are coming from everywhere now. California has a good base of players, and really it was just a matter of time for Dallas. If you look around, we’ve got a lot of good players here, and you never really know just how good some of them can be.

    “It’s a credit to the kid, first of all. He’s got some people who helped him get there, but he’s the one doing it.”

    Smith hasn’t officially “done it” yet, but one might say that his path to the National Hockey League is imminent. And when he does, the Stars themselves will have had quite a bit to do with him getting there.

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    You have to love a story like this!

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