Was size the Jets' missing ingredient?

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Thread: Was size the Jets' missing ingredient?


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    Was size the Jets' missing ingredient?

    Much has been made about how the Winnipeg Jets goal this offseason was to get bigger up front. After the free agent signings of Alexei Ponikarovsky and Olli Jokinen the general consensus is that the mission has been accomplished.

    Grantlandís Bill Barnwell already did a piece discussing how size does not automatically equal wins in the NHL, so Iíll leave that argument aside for the time being. But I would question the contention that last seasonís Jets were a small team.

    In 2012 the average NHL player was 200.5 pounds in weight and 72.0 inches in height. The average Jets forward (minimum fifteen games played) weighed 201.4 pounds and stood 73.5 inches tall. This was not an undersized team.

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    With Olli and Poni, they definitely did add some size, but is it enough? Is getting a bit bigger all that the team needed?

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