I have been running a very deep keeper league for the last 7 years. we have one spot open and need to find a replacement asap, we are currently picking the entry draft and the team in question is otc.

Here is some info:

Full Keeper.
14 teams 65 keepers per team.
22 man yahoo roster 43 man farm team.
Salary Cap.
Annual Entry Draft.

Please let me know if you are interested we are trying to get the replacement in there asap.

some of the players you will inherit:

Daniel Sedin $6,100,000
Dany Heatly $8,000,000
Mike Ribeiro $5,000,000
Derrik Roy $4,000,000
Tomas Plekanec $5,000,000
Travis Zajac $4,500,000
Dustin Brown $3,500,000
Ray Whitney $3,000,000
T.Fleischmann $4,500,000
Matt Duchene $900,000
P.A. Parenteau $1,250,000
Max Pacioretty $1,500,000