This morning, Mike Green signed a new 3 year deal with the Washington Capitals that will pay him greater than $6 Million per year. Mike Green. Green is a talented one-way one will deny the fact...However, no one can also deny the huge drop off in his play over the past two seasons over which Green has fought through some tough injuries to be sure. In 08-09, and 09-10 Green put up 73 and 76 points respectively. Were you to combine Green's last two injury-riddled seasons into a tidy 81 games Green put up a combined 31 points.

Much was made of Green working on play in his own end...meaning he essentially started to play some defense..but when you look at the last two seasons he is a combined +11. The two seasons prior, when he was putting up huge numbers and not playing defense Green was a combined +63.

In his NHL career Green has played in 50 playoff games and put up 29 points and is a -1.

I am seeing many people ask today, "If Mike Green is worth 6M per, what is Shea Weber worth?"

In some ways this is not a fair comparison. Green is really a hybrid defenseman, essentially a forward who is effective attacking from the defensive side of the puck...Weber is a true defenseman.

Weber is the prototype defenseman. Shea plays solid D, is physical, makes flawless outlet transitional passes, can kill you with his point shot, and is a true Captain/leader. And Weber is one year from being a UFA...not just a UFA, but I would argue the best young available UFA Defenseman EVER.

Weber's D-partner Ryan Suter just got a huge pay increase to join the Wild, but Suter also turned down even more money and would have had even more enormous offers had he not essentially told the big-market teams in the East he wasn't going there.

Suter wasn't truly ever available to the Rangers, Flyers or Leafs...Shea Weber will be.