There has not been a lot to talk regarding the Bruins this summer, but one rumor has picked up steam in recent weeks: That the Bruins and Ducks might have been discussing a swap involving center David Krejci and winger Bobby Ryan.

I first heard of this idea to ship Krejci off to Anaheim for Bobby Ryan a few weeks ago on 98.5 The Sports Hub. I blogged about how I thought this trade would have been an excellent move for the Bruins organization and I am a little upset Chiarelli didn't sign off.

Yes, Krejci is one of the Bruins most skilled players, but for Chiarelli to say he wouldn't trade Krejci or Lucic was a mistake. In my opinion I believe Bobby Ryan would have been a better piece to the puzzle than Krejci or Lucic. Even though I would prefer Lucic to stay over Krejci (because of his size and badass attitude) I wouldn't have been disappointed in the trade. The Bruins possess a number of centers and trading Krejci (center) for Ryan (winger) would have diversified our lines. If we had gone through with that trade we could perhaps bring Seguin back to his regular position of center where he would perhaps feel more comfortable as he would have more possession of the puck.

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