...funny thing is, I always thought Kadri playing in the middle was the plan when the Leafs drafted him. Set aside for the moment the up and down yo-yo string they’ve had him on the past two seasons. I never really envisioned how this has actually played out; that is, his playing on the wing. I pictured him from the get-go as a center. (Those of you who watched him develop as a junior, did he not play a lot of center under Hunter with the Knights in London? I wasn’t close to that situation so I may be off on this one.)

In any event, I honestly figured him as a center. Now, he certainly has puck skills and vision. His foot speed is OK at the NHL level, I guess. Has his quickness improved? He is working out with Gary Roberts this summer, and that seems to make a difference for just about every young player who takes advantage of that opportunity.

The question, guaranteed contracts aside, is this: where does Kadri fit? Is he a winger, or is he in fact best utilized as a center?