Kane ponders six-year, $29-M deal from Jets

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Thread: Kane ponders six-year, $29-M deal from Jets

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    Kane ponders six-year, $29-M deal from Jets

    Just 24 players in the NHL scored more goals than Evander Kane last season and the Winnipeg Jets have placed a premium value on his services, offering him a rich and long-term contract.

    Kane and his representatives are mulling over a six-year deal in the neighbourhood of $29 million as negotiations between the two sides have ramped up.

    Itís swap-proposal time in the Kane talks and unless someone digs in their heels, an agreement should be reached. Talks to this point have been productive with both sides proving to be creative and flexible in order to get an agreement that works for everyone.

    Kane is just shy of his 21st birthday and notched 30 goals and 27 assists for 57 points last season. The chance for financial security a deal like this provides canít be ignored. Any agent will tell you that kind of money canít be passed up by a player so young.

    Generational money has to be snatched when available.

    For the Jets, this puts their most promising prospect in the stable for a long time. If Kane continues to develop and grow, they could have a 50-goal man in the near future.

    Kane is brash and at times stubborn but he craves superstardom and wants to be among the leagueís best. He has the talent and will to be elite. No one should be surprised if he turns out to be a consistent all-star.

    The Jets must protect and guard him for as long as they can.


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    Holy cow! That's a ton of cash. I seriously do not understand why thinking about it is happening!

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