As hockey fans, we can hardly stand summer. As regular people, most of us love summer. Rick Nash loves summer.

Then, there are days like this, when the weather isn’t nice (at least not in Croatia, not currently), and when all we want to do is sit in front of our hockey news devices (otherwise known as laptops, PCs, general technology) and find some interesting news to get through a rainy day.

Sadly, while most of the hockey world is patiently monitoring the Shea Weber offer sheet situation, Leaf fans are still left wondering about the roster for next season and when the first of, ok not many – but few of Burke’s dominoes will finally fall.

Yesterday finally offered a destination for Rick Nash, and as it turns out it’s the Big Apple. Nash is heading to New York in exchange for Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubinsky, Tim Erixon, and a 1st round pick. Scott Howson, ladies and gentlemen.

Just two questions here because, to quote Deadpool (everyone’s favorite comic mercenary/jokester), my common sense is tingling. 1) How can a GM who’s about to be fired or should be fired get to make a call on a trade that will impact the franchise in such a significant way in the following years? 2) How can a GM trade Rick Nash to the Rangers and not push to get Stepan, Kreider, McDonagh or at least a Del Zotto packaged in there?

I’m sure Columbus fans are asking the exact same questions. The answer for their outrage is – Howson did this to himself. It got harder and harder to trade Rick Nash, not just because of the limited market, but because the pressure put on him was rising. Now see question 1) again. The situation wasn’t getting any better and this was probably the return he was realistically going to get. Could he have gotten more, but not at this point in time? He could have, but his name probably wouldn’t be Scott Howson if he did. However, you get the feeling that a trade like this one, with the pieces included here, could have been concluded a while ago had Howson really wanted that back then/thought back then it was all he could get.