Back in 2007, the Nashville Predators were sold for $193 million. Now, the Predators will have to decide if the face of their franchise is worth more than half that amount.

That's because the Philadelphia Flyers signed Shea Weber -- Nashville's captain and one of the NHL's best all-around defenseman -- to a heavily frontloaded offer sheet on Thursday and now the Predators have seven days to match that deal. If they don't, the Flyers will get the 26-year-old Weber for the long haul while Nashville will receive four first-round draft picks as compensation.

One would think that it'd be an easy decision for the Predators to match the reported 14-year, $110 million deal the Flyers worked out with Weber, but things aren't that simple for the small-market club. Philadelphia general manager Paul Holmgren figured a deal structured to pay Weber the bulk of his money over the first six years that would put the cash-strapped Predators in a bind and he may wind up being right.