There has been speculation over the last few days that Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs have been in discussion with the Calgary Flames regarding netminder Miika Kiprusoff.

It is no secret that the Leafs are calling about goaltenders, as throughout much of the summer so far they have been the center of discussion with respect to goaltenders Roberto Luongo and Jonathan Bernier. Although it has been noted that the Maple Leafs may still speaking with the Vancouver Canucks, albeit not as much recently, it seems as though the disparity between what the Leafs want to pay for Luongo’s services, and further what Gillis wants in return is too large.

This ultimately means Brian Burke may need to address his need for an experienced goaltender, elsewhere. Jay Feaster has not once stated he was shopping, or even considered moving his current tender; however there seems to be a widely accepted notion that the Flames need to start selling their eldest assets for youth and future draft selections. Although there may be some truth to this, making the decision to take these steps and further following through with them is not a simple task.

Consider the above situation between the Leafs and the Flames to illustrate this very point. Although both organizations have identified their current needs (goaltending for Toronto and youth for Calgary), these teams are not viable trading partners to acquire such needs from each other.

In this writer’s opinion, both clubs have very similar needs. Both teams need more youth in their system, they both need a first line center and both arguably need a playoff appearance. While there is much speculation that the two teams may be discussing trade scenarios, I feel that given the similarity in needs from both sides, that there may be no real fit here. In addition to the above mentioned, the Calgary Flames have by no means played any of their prospective goaltenders enough to be able to properly assess whether or not they can afford to move their current starter.