Are the Maple Leafs About to Overpay For Ryan Getzlaf?

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Thread: Are the Maple Leafs About to Overpay For Ryan Getzlaf?

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    Are the Maple Leafs About to Overpay For Ryan Getzlaf?

    There have been plenty of rumors over the past year saying that Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke has been trying to pry Ryan Getzlaf away from his current team, the Anaheim Ducks.

    Thursday night, NHL “Insider” @HockeyyInsiderr, announced on Twitter that the Maple Leafs have offered the Ducks Mikhail Grabovski, Matt Frattin, Nazem Kadri and their 2013 first round pick for the aforementioned Getzlaf.

    Hockeyy Insiderr @HockeyyInsiderr

    #LEAFS offer for Getzlaf: 2013 1st rd+Grabovski+Kadri+Frattin. #NHLDucks have 72 hours to accept the deal or @LeafsBB20 withdraws it. #WOW
    I don’t normally think twice about the rumors being propagated by these so called “insiders” but this one caught my attention.

    There is no question that Getzlaf is the type of player the organization covets as he is a big, bruising, first line center, and I am sure the Leafs would be interested in him if he was available (so would many other teams), but does the deal rumored to have been proposed really make sense?

    In terms of what the Maple Leafs would be giving up, Matt Frattin is still only 24-years-old and he proved last year that he is ready for a full-time role in the NHL. He has offensive upside and he plays the game with an edge. It is understandable that he would be included in a deal of this magnitude.

    Kadri is only three years removed from being the seventh overall pick and has a ton of potential. But as I detailed in an earlier article, he has seemingly grown out of favor with the Leafs organization and it would not be a shock to see him moved.

    Including a first round pick is always a risk, but if the Maple Leafs improve enough to make the playoffs it is worth the gamble. Where I think the Maple Leafs would be making a mistake with this deal is by including Mikhail Grabovski.

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    It is beginning to look like all these Getzlaf rumors are just that with no action and not likely to be any now.

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