With the summer months coming to a close and the volatility of the NHL free agency period starting to wind down, trade talks and rumors have likewise quieted, at least for the mean time.

One of the last remaining and probably one of the most talked about topics is the possibility of Bobby Ryan being moved. It seems like Ryanís name has been mentioned in trade rumors since the middle of last season, when the Anaheim Ducks were in a complete free fall. The only problem is that all this time has gone by and he hasnít been traded. With training camp only a few weeks away for NHL teams, we need to consider the possibility that Ryan and the Ducksí management have been able to get on the same page and patch things up. At this point, thatís worth every bit as much analysis as the possibility of Ryan being traded.

If he does in fact stay, itís worth asking the question: In a Ducksí uniform, where will Coach Bruce Boudreau play him? Last year he spent time on each of the first three lines, playing both wings, and even center in some cases. Where can we expect Ryan to play the bulk of his minutes this year?

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