Days and weeks have gone by and there isnít much news regarding contract talks between the Winnipeg Jets and Evander Kane. Itís unclear why nothing has been decided yet, but speculation can only grow as this situation moves along at a snailís pace.

In June there were rumors of Kaneís displeasure in Winnipeg and a possible request of a trade. Shortly after, that story was shot down by Kaneís agent and all was quiet until late July. It was then that reports surfaced of a formal offer was made by the Jets, but there still hasnít been any word as to why thereís been no update since.

The Jets are prepared to make Evander Kane a rich man, but why hasnít he signed? This question leads to no other assumption than the idea that the young winger may want to leave Winnipeg. Itís no secret that there are some players who love playing in Winnipeg, but there are many others who would take less money to play in a big market and/or somewhere warm. Could Kane be one of these players?