Ever since the Dallas Stars unveiled the current jerseys in 2008, along with the new Reebok designs, fans have been waiting for the next change to happen. While it was clear what the team was trying to do at the time it was painful to see the team go from having perhaps one of the best jersey designs in the NHL, to one of the blandest jerseys we could have imagined.

While the current black and white jerseys have grown on us over the years (especially the alternate with the STARS logo) it's painfully clear that fans are ready for a change. The question that we here at DBD get asked the most about, hands down, is not just whether the Stars are going to be introducing new jerseys soon but more importantly -- will those new jerseys be green.

There's been a lot of discussion about possible changes and with Tom Gaglardi now the owner of the Stars, it's possible that more than just the team's jerseys will change -- it's certainly possible that changes to the logo and color scheme will change as well. Any change that happens won't be implemented until the 2013-14 season, yet because of the time it takes to get such changes approved it's likely the team is currently considering several options.

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