It's no secret that many NHL rosters tend to contain one or two guys who, when the proverbial dookie hits the fan, bring out the knuckle sandwiches and force feed them to the opposition. The NHL is often at it's best when the players are policing each other, ensuring that the guy who decides to take a run at a star player knows to think twice, else the 6'5" 240 lb. behemoth on the bench will ruin his face the next chance he gets. These enforcers are an ultimatum of sorts, protecting their teammates while adding a physical presence on the ice and a solid team-bonding presence in the locker room.

The Panthers are no different than any other NHL roster the last few seasons, employing the likes of Krys Barch, Steve MacIntyre, Nick Tarnasky, Darcy Hordichuk and others. With the Panthers allowing Barch to leave via free agency this offseason, there was a clear need for the Cats to acquire someone with the same desire for vigilante justice that Barch displayed during his brief tenure in Sunrise. Enter George Parros, who signed with the Panthers this summer for two years at a cap hit just south of $1m per.

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