#1.) Shane Doan: Doan is on top of anyone's list, but the question is, at what price? A lot of teams think that they are a Shane Doan away from winning a Stanley Cup, and Shane Doan is everything this team has been missing. They haven't had a legit power forward in quite some time. Although Taylor Pyatt eventually turned into an ok role playing NHL player, even topping 20 goals in Vancouver, he never turned out to be the guy we hoped for in Buffalo. Zack Kassian was shipped off in favor of Marcus Foligno being the teams new young power forward prospect, and obtained a nice player with upside in Hodgson. But think about this: If you're the Sabres and you have high hopes for Marcus Foligno: is there really a better player in the league to learn from than Shane Doan? Doan is not only a tough, rugged power forward, but also a true leader, and example setter. He also has shown he can play center in a pinch. Of course with Doan its all about, is he worth 7.5 million/ year?

#2.) Jarome Iginla: Normally Jarome Iginla would be at the top of my list, but he's not currently a UFA who can sign anywhere like Doan. But, I did say this would be about not just guys currently out there, but guys who could be deadline deals, or 2013 UFAS, and he could be a hot commidity come deadline time, or next offseason. There is absolutely no question that Iginla is worth 7.5 million a year. His goal production over the last 5 seasons has been: 39 (in 70gms), 50, 35, 43, and 32, and I dont think he's slowing down anytime soon as hockey's model power forward. Like Doan, he means everything to his team, but unlike Doan, he also means everything to his city has well (no offense Pheonix, but your most popular Canadian was Steve Nash). If you dont believe me how good this guy is, ask Robyn Regehr and Jordan Leopold. Darcy Regier and Jay Feaster have now made 2 deals in the past 2 years, so im sure (I hope) Darcy has made an inquire like everyone else has.

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