Hereís a look at a few reasons why the Blues could take a step back in 2012-2013:

Last season, the Blues were hit with a slew of mostly non-impact injuries, the most severe of which was the Andy McDonald concussion. It was pretty evident how inept the Blues offense was without the playmaker, and he was only a winger. Imagine if Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, or Backes was injured for an extended period of time? With the loss of one or multiple point getters or goaltenders, the Blues would be very vulnerable, especially with their lack of scoring on their lower lines.

Lack of Depth on Blue line

Both Alex Pietrangelo and Kevin Shattenkirk are young studs on the blue line, with the potential to be 50 points scorers and standouts on specialty teams. However, behind them are five defensemen who either lack major NHL experience, are veterans at the end of their careers, or are just underachieving journeymen. Granted, Roman Polak and Barrett Jackman are both serviceable d-men, but Polak is definitely not proficient on the offensive end and Jackmanís numbers have tailed off the past two seasons. To be sure, the Blues should definitely be in the market for another defenseman before the season starts.

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