Is Burke going to offer Corey Perry a truckload of money?

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Thread: Is Burke going to offer Corey Perry a truckload of money?

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    Is Burke going to offer Corey Perry a truckload of money?


    It's become fairly well-recognized that the Leafs' cap situation coming out of this upcoming season, or the lockout, is pretty interesting. It looks like Burke's plan is to load up for what he refers to as the "running stage" of rebuilding. This is a little puzzling, however, considering this team has yet to break out of the corpse stage since he's been in Toronto. Nothing has gone to plan, but either way, it's pretty obvious to see he was penciling the summer of 2013 as his time to bring the Leafs to the next level and start actually competing seriously.

    You've got some interesting free agents coming up, which I'm sure most readers are well aware of. Not all of them will make it there, but Morrow, Roy, Zajac, Iginla, Backstrom (goalie), Elias, Semin (again), Clowe, Horton, and of course Perry and Getzlaf are set to hit the market -- the latter two being the focus of a lot of Leafs fans over the last year or so, due to Burke's Anaheim connection.

    Looking in the Leafs' own back yard, there are a lot of things happening (potentially). Lombardi, MacArthur, Lupul, Bozak, and Connolly are all on expiring deals. That's about 18 million in cap dollars. There are some RFAs like Kadri and Gunnarsson to take care of, but I mean, come on.

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    This article is making the assumption that Burke is still with the Leafs going into the 2013/14 season. Personally I hope so but I also realize that if the leafs miss the playoffs again and I expect they will the pressure to fire Burke will be like a firestorm in Toronto.

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