Roberto Luongo back to Florida?

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Thread: Roberto Luongo back to Florida?

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    Roberto Luongo back to Florida?

    While most NHL players are approaching lockout limbo, Vancouver Canuck netminder Roberto Luongo is in double limbo: he doesn't know if he'll play and he doesn't know where he'll play either.

    Luongo, who lives in South Florida during the summer, wants to be moved out of Vancouver and he told a Florida newspaper Tuesday that the Panthers are his first choice. While this was not a startling revelation he acknowledged the Panthers were a preferred destination in a radio interview July 6 the story received new life with his remarks to South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporter Harvey Fialkov.

    "It's been a tough summer, not knowing what's going to happen,'' Luongo told Fialkov after a workout at the Panthers' practice facility. "It's tough to not know what your future is going to be with your family and everything. There were a couple of stressful moments, but we're still here and everything's good.

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    Would Luongo in Florida make sense for the Panthers?

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