In light of recent happenings in our league, I feel that I need to post this.

If you have an issue with a trade that has been made, think there may be collusion, are having problems with a fellow GM, etc. - YOU ARE TO CONTACT THE COMMISSIONER AND/OR CO-COMMISSIONER with your concern(s) and have him/her handle the problem.

DO NOT call out the GM in question in a public forum. DO NOT flood their inbox, private chat, etc. with messages.

Harassment of a fellow GM is taken very seriously and may result in dismissal of the responsible GM(s) from the league. (no refund of the entry fee will be given)

If you have an issue with the Commissioner, feel free to let the Commish know about. The Commissioner is pretty nice and is pretty understanding so she probably won't bite your head off. But, if you feel you cannot speak to the Commissioner about it, please contact the Co-Commissioner.