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    Injured Reserve

    There will be TWO IR (injured reserve) spots available per team. A player CANNOT be placed on the IR unless he has been officially placed there by his NHL team.

    If you place more than two players on to your IR, your roster will become illegal and your team will not accumulate any points. If your IR is found to have more than two players, the Commissioner will make the necessary moves to make your roster compliant.

    You have one full line-up period to move your player(s) off the IR after he has officially been removed from it in the NHL. What this means is that with a weekly Monday line-up period, say your player comes off the IR on Wednesday, you have one full period + up until the Monday after that to move your player off. That's a total of 12 days.

    If you DO NOT make the necessary moves within the one lineup period, the Commissioner will make the necessary changes for you. If a player must be dropped to make room for the player coming off the IR, the Commissioner will randomly draw a name from ALL players on your team (this includes goaltenders) and drop the player that is picked. This means that ANY PLAYER on your team could be dropped should the Commish be forced to handle your roster moves for you.

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