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    Thank you all very much for participating in the 2 Salary Cap polls on the site.
    The poll closed with a tie between:
    6% = $45,293,000
    - and -
    7% = $45,721,000
    (each of these amounts received 5 votes)

    The BOG voted and decided to split the difference between the 2 amounts and increase the cap to 6.5% = $45,630,000

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    The salary cap for 2013-14 will remain at $45,630,000

    The cap floor for the 2013-14 season will be $26,782,609

    Both of these must be adhered to by our teams. If your cap totals fall above $45,630,000 or below $26,782,609 your roster will become illegal and your team will not accumulate any points.

    GMs have 48 hours to make their roster compliant to the cap. If the team is not compliant within that 48 hours, the Commissioner will make the necessary changes to your roster to get it legal. This may include forcibly dropping player(s), adding free agents (and therefore dropping players from your roster to make room for them) from the player pool and/or line-up adjustments.

    If the commissioner is forced to drop players from your roster to get your team under the cap, the player(s) (salaries) with the highest salary (salaries) will be dropped until your team is below the cap.

    If the Commissioner needs to all salary to your roster, player(s) will be added to your roster from the free agent pool until the cap floor has been reached. The player(s) on your team will the lowest salary (salaries) will be dropped to make room for the added players. The player(s) in the free agent pool with the salary (salaries) that most closely fit(s) the needs of your team will be added until your team has reached the cap floor.

    Dropped players will go to the Waiver Wire and all teams will have a chance to claim them.

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    For clarification:

    We use cap hit not actual salaries for our league

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    Effective immediately:

    If you use the current NHL cap of 64.3M and divide by 20 players that dress every night, it comes to 3,215 per player.

    Our cap was 45,630,000 divided by 14, which is 3.259 per player which was just under 2% above the 3.215 per player.
    Now we are using 6.5% which gives us the $47,936,000

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