You may recall yesterday in the comments section of Part I, well, one commenter at least, I encourage the rest of you to chime in, faulted Gardiner for two goals out of the six shown.

That could be the case on this first goal here, from David Clarkson. Gardiner fails to keep the puck in against Nick Palmeiri, who gets the puck out to Clarkson. All he has to beat is Luke Schenn:

The only possible outcome of this situation, I'm afraid, is a David Clarkson breakaway. This is one of many scoring chances against we'll end up pinning on Schenn throughout this series.

Goal number two of six from today occurs a day later, in Ben Scrivens' first ever NHL start (the Leafs won that game 4-1). The NHL play-by-play sheet calls this a "Tip-In" from three feet out, so the possibility is that somebody wildly missed their mark.