Buffalo Sabres Head Coach Lindy Ruff and General Manager Darcy Regier are entering thier fifteenth season.

But the question is, it is the beginning of the end for the general manager and head coach? I think that there is immense pressure for Ruff and Regier to get the Buffalo Sabres back in the playoffs. But just getting in is not enough, as Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula said on day one when he became the owner of the Buffalo Sabres.

“The Buffalo Sabres reason for existence is to win the Stanley Cup”. Lords Stanley Cup huh? Reason for existence? Then I wonder why he has a General manager and a Head coach who has seven playoff appearences in fourteen years. One Stanley cup appearence in fourteen years. I think this has to be the season to have a playoff run, or both of them could be packing thier bags out of hockeyheaven. If this was in Montreal, with the Montreal Canadiens. Ruff and Regier would’ve been gone along time ago.