Perhaps NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly was having a bad day. Asked about the criticism on social media over NHL labour tactics, Daly said negotiating a new collective agreement (CBA) is still Job 1. “We do not intend to abdicate that responsibility in reaction to uninformed ramblings on Twitter,” he said in an e-mail.

Ah, the uninformed ramblings on Twitter, the fifth column of the NHL lockout. For those not scoring at home, Twitter did not exist in 2004-05. Facebook was a dating site. When Daly needed to herd the cats of public opinion last time, he needed only to round up the usual suspects of mainstream media, many of whom were NHL broadcasters or sponsors.

Now, as it orchestrates another controversial lockout narrative, the NHL is faced with a massed choir of players, agents, journalists, statisticians, humorists, cranks, idlers and outright liars vying for the last word on how the NHL is doing. To say nothing of sarcastic Taiwanese cartoonists, seen on YouTube.

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