Two days after reporting that Valdimir Tarasenko was returning to SKA during the NHL lockout, it appears he might not be heading for the KHL after all. Dmitry Chesnokov reports that SKA declined signing Tarasenko after Tarasenko’s agent reportedly made a few last minute demands. SKA currently holds his rights in the KHL which means unless they trade his rights or unless they negotiate further, Tarasenko could be headed for the AHL.

What a strange turn of events. The story still needs to evolve a bit more but as it stands it appears a late push by Tarasenko’s agent might have cost him a return to the KHL during the lockout. To be fair, Tarasenko may very well still play in the KHL. SKA might renegotiate or they might trade his rights to a club that wants to add a new piece. However, as the situation currently stands, the door to the KHL appears to have closed on Tarasenko.

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