As the immortal Yogi Berra once said, “it’s like déjà vu all over again.” The NHL locked out its players at midnight on Saturday, and a new labor impasse has crippled the same league that dealt with a full season lost only eight years ago.

Ever since, we have been hearing folks talking about players signing overseas, about whose fault this whole thing actually is, and also what fans should be doing to let the league know that they are dissatisfied with the direction things have taken. Perhaps the most intriguing of all of these arguments is whether or not the lockout helps their particular team, which Jeff Angus of THW Overtime has done a great job of presenting in a series of articles on the subject.

While the answer may be obvious for some teams, that is definitely not the case for the Phoenix Coyotes. In what seems to be a natural state of order for this team, whether the team will be aided or hindered by a work stoppage is a question with different answers depending upon whose perspective you are looking at it from.

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