Upon hearing that Vladimir Tarasenkoís deal with SKA of the KHL had fallen through just a few days ago, there were three possible scenarios that could unfold for the Russian prospect. The first was that SKA would negotiate further and reach a new deal with Tarasenko after their original plans fell through. The second was that SKA could trade his KHL rights to a new club. The third, one that most Blues fans rooted for, was that Tarasenko would report to the AHL in Peoria. Today we have our answer as SKA has indeed renegotiated and signed Tarasenko to a new deal. The news comes to us from Dmitry Chesnokov.

The roller coaster week for Tarasenko is finally over. One moment he was SKA bound only to learn his agentís last second demands were not met and his KHL club was moving on. He then plans for life in the AHL only to learn today that he is going to SKA after all. This time itís official as the club formally introduced him today, as you can see here.

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