Monday cultured up some of our first tidbits of New York Rangers news, when Rick Nash signed a contract to play overseas for HC Davos. The news was met with anger by some, and understanding by others.

But the negative reaction proved something. Sometimes, some players never win.

There are people who are blasting Nash for leaving while most of his teammates have yet to bolt for paying leagues across the pond. Not that it's about the money, of course, for a player like Nash the salary he'll be pulling in with Davos is akin to the money he can find between his couch cushions. He's doing it for the experience.

You can't develop chemistry on a rented sheet of ice, screwing around with teammates in a non-game atmosphere. Even if there are rented officials. You gain chemistry from games. Not training camp (although the drills and atmosphere yield more chemistry than an unofficial practice) or from informal skates. If you truly do believe that chemistry is forged through those other outlets, then why did it take so long for Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards to click - or for John Tortorella and the brass to realize they didn't click early on?

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