Question: Why did you decide to Graz?
Thomas Vanek: The fact is that my parents are there. I can live there and spend time with them and must not be alone, Ashley remains so with the children in Buffalo. Also, I grew up in Graz.

Question: How long is your contract in Graz?
Vanek: Until 4 November, so until the international break. Then we'll see how it looks with the lockout. But of course I have a get-out clause, if it is in the NHL earlier agreement.

Does the involvement in Graz a sort of dream come true for you? After all, you are there indeed become athletic big.
Vanek: I am living my dream of playing in the NHL. This is now not possible. But it will certainly be an experience to play once before the home crowd. I said yes to the National team in Innsbruck also enjoyed very much and for me it is still a great honor to play for Austria. I'm now looking forward to the 99ers anyway.[tt_news]=1046&tx_ttnews[backPid]=2&cHash=5c115b06a8e7e899b796dd8af4580ce2