During the NHL lockout in hockey defenseman Jakub Kindl played in Pardubice. CSOB Insurance Club HC Pardubice with his former player finished on cooperation. Pardubice hockey club now makes every effort to Jakub Kindl get going on Friday in London.

"James is our player, but Paul was convinced Mark that, from the reason that in Třinec plays his brother, so he would go play there. In the end it did not work. I spoke to James and either Friday or Sunday boards for Pardubice, "currently informs sports club manager Petr Hemsky .

Jakub Kindl is ready to come to Pardubice in order to quickly joined the team. "But he did not come backpacks, which had, until Wednesday evening arrived. Jakub Kindl on Thursday coached in Šumperk of origin, joins the team on Friday morning, "says Petr Hemsky.